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now we must not get off the subject. and what is the subject? come to think of it... there is none. there is none? you've got to be kidding me. so what has all this been for? i don't think it was for anything. so why did we do all of this? well we had to pass the time somehow or another. we couldn't exactly have sat and stared at the walls all this time. well we might as well if there was no point. come to think of it your probably right. so what shall we do now? well we can stare at the walls and see if that gets us anywhere or we could go shopping. well actually we could just turn on the tv and kill two birds with one stone, can't we? well i suppose. wait a minute that's brilliant, absolutely marvelous. how did you think of that one. well i have to admit i've done my fair share with the television so i know it was open as an option. the healing power of the tv is very amazing. is it? oh yes, like when you catch a really great's as if the whole world stops the time passes and boom, your at a new time in your life. so if we stare at the walls we won't miss eveything? and if we keep ourselves busy we will pass the time by easier? yup. so what is the right thing to do?.................. . . . . . . . i don't know. . . i h a v e n ' t g i v e n it much thought. .