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deeperdeeperdeeperdeeper it can only keep moving. up the escalator and down again. it doesn't end until they make you leave. welcome to everything and more can i take your order. just what the fabricated ordered. a plate full of image a big silver spoon. eat like a king. it's exactly what you deserve. a plate full of plastic and a mouth full of shit. right where we belong. you and me. the kings of shit. check out that isle it's much prettier than the rest. if you look at it upside down it might even be the best. let's swim in a world of shit shall we. oh wait too late. too late? yes too late. today you woke in it. this morning you bathed in it. this afternoon you drove in it. at work you'll function with it. at home you'll deal with it. at the table you'll eat it. sitting before your screen you'll watch it. maybe before the lights go out you'll indulge in it. and tonight in bed you'll dream of it. .