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self control. on/off. stinks like shit. looks like butter. the consumer foams from the mouth. tv loses it's touch. the self can no longer feel. your own nightmare. the needs and desire you've fabricated. knowing what is real. pretending to feel what isn't there. living on hope. falling on fear. everything and everyone blur into squares and colors. up close the tv never really looked this good. but it's what you made of it. conscience or unconscience it's all the same at this point nothing will ever matter again. everythingexistsonthesamelevel. the plot only thinkens. and you only react. a reaction to shit only hardens you. makes you numb. puts you away. hide from yourself. display only your character. put old friends in the closet. put on a show for new ones. nothing suddenly becomes everything. excuses are just a new mold. build yourself up. break yourself down. still covered in it you'll never move past it. always stuck on yourself. always falling down. always coming apart in pieces. always crumbling on the floor. always hiding. always smiling. perfectly put together. stapled to a frown.